Association Management

With over 30 years of experience in managing professional associations at the provincial and national levels, Delta6 Consulting is uniquely positioned to provide exceptional service in a very diverse set of association needs.

Whether it’s governance, advocacy, professional development, event planning and staging, project or financial management services that you need or whether its full management services or a single project, Delta6 is able to combine experience and expertise with industry contacts to provide exceptional value to your association or charitable organization.


Delta6 specializes in managing association advocacy initiatives.  Experience at both Queen's Park and in Ottawa, on Parliament Hill over the past 30 years has allowed Delta6 to establish contacts and gain a valuable understanding of the legislative and regulatory process.  Whether its preparing your organization for hearings, researching and developing a position paper or preparing and assisting your association or charity to conduct a face-to-face lobby day, Delta6 and its network of professionals are there to provide access and guidance to allow you to effectively present your views and ideas to decision makers. 



Financial Management

Developing single or multi year financial plans, analyzing current revenue and expense streams and identifying new possibilities and projecting future needs are components of your organization that require intense management and best in class policies and procedures.  Delta6 has the expertise to help you improve your financial management practices. 

Project Management

Developing a new strategy for the delivery of a member service or conducting a process to develop a new strategic direction for the organization, whatever the need, Delta6 is able to manage any project, big or not-so-big, and provide whatever you require.


Event Management

Events are a critical component of most organizations' annual programs.  The management of these events is therefore critical to the success of these organizations and charities.  Delta6 has over 30 years of event management experience and is able to handle any component of your event or the entire event from contract negotiation to closing session.  If your needs include event management, Delta6 is your complete partner.


Events within events

Special events including announcements, press conferences, lobby days, fund raising and events that optimize the visibility of the organization require special attention and the Delta6 expertise and connections make it the best choice to assist your association with these activities.


Strategic Design

Strategic organizational activities are also critical to the success of associations and charities.  Delta6 has led and participated in several processes that resulted in strategic change for large and small organizations in Canada.  We can design a process specific to your needs and your budget that will define your critical achievement areas and design a structure and initiatives to help your organization achieve its desired results.